Historically, the number one thing that comes to mind when someone thinks about A&G, is the word meat more precisely GROUND BEEF. It’s true, the foundation of our company was and is the meat sector, and we continue to offer the best products on the market.
Our ground beef recipe to this day is our calling card. When trying to decide which “burger joint” has the best cheeseburger in Rochester, it’s always tough to narrow it down to just one, and that’s because we provide our famous and finest ground beef to the majority of those establishments. We only purchase from the most trusted beef suppliers and source these products directly from the Midwest.. Our cut department provides our customers with all cuts and sizes, and as always, freshness and taste are guaranteed. We provide modern packaging to suit your needs.

A&G only deals with the most trusted suppliers when it comes to our poultry. Poultry all types cut, fresh, frozen and portioned are available daily. We partner with our customers to give them the quality assurance, customer service and product flexibility they need to succeed.
We carry all kinds of pork product, whether it’s your staple items like sausage links and patties and bacon, to delicious pork and hams used for BBQ and sandwiches, as well as premium cuts like tenderloin and frenched chops and racks to name a few. A&G also makes fresh sausage in different flavor profiles and shapes.

  • Orders must be in by 11 am the day before for delivery.
  • Add-ons must be in before 7am the day of delivery.

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