A&G offers dairy products some produced locally in Upstate/Western New York, as well as some of the finest Mediterranean goods. Our extensive dairy selection includes cheeses, fresh or frozen eggs, butter, heavy cream, sour cream and more. Allow us to supply and convenience you with all your specific needs.
A&G can make your life easier by offering a wide variety of dry grocery items in stock, any and every day, per customer demand.
Dairy Products

Every type of food service establishment uses items like pasta, rice, mayonnaise and dressings, canned goods, nuts, spices, shortening and oils. With A&G, we allow you to use the name brands your clientele recognize and use at home, always available in our warehouse.

  • Orders must be in by 11 am the day before for delivery.
  • Add-ons must be in before 7am the day of delivery.

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