A&G is now a Broadline food service distributor, supplying restaurants and institutions the highest quality proteins, seafood, along with everything from frozen foods, groceries, dairy, produce, paper products, kitchen supplies and more!

The total distribution area is from Buffalo/Niagara Falls to Rochester and its surrounding towns and villages. A&G currently supplies many Restaurants and institutions with the finest and freshest, meat, poultry & seafood along with over 3000 items and expanding; A&G employs a total of 30 people and has 7 delivery trucks.

Company History

A&G was first founded in 1966 by Alex Stathopoulos and his former partner. Quickly outgrowing their original establishment, A&G moved to a larger facility in the Seabreeze area. From those humble beginnings, A&G grew in steady increments and continues to do so today. In 2003, A&G relocated to Rockwood Street in the East Ave/Winton Road area of Rochester. This move to a renovated, modernized production and distribution facility has allowed A&G to grow further along with its many beloved and well know Rochester dining establishments. Today A&G is run by the second generation since 2010 and hard work and customer service matter most above nothing else.

Business Philosophy

The Rockwood Street location allows for customers to be provided with the peace of mind of safely processed and stored foods and meats, with its temperature controlled zones and industry standard equipment.

Food Safety is of the highest priority and the processing plant is Inspected by the USDA on a daily basis.

Providing customers peace of mind that they are receiving the best quality product in the area is the goal.

Ground Beef always is and will be our main specialty. The local Rochester market and A&G have been intertwined selling the best and freshest cheeseburgers in the area. Competitors have come and gone and still attempt to fool customers with “new special blends” of ground beef, A&G has been in business since 1966 and the blends have not changed. Some such as Angus or Grass Fed have been added but the fallacy there is some secret new recipe is just not factual.

We provide our customer with factual, up to date and truthful information and take great pride in our reputation.